2015-04-02 20_21_41-GreenshotGood Leadership isn’t good enough….not anymore! Great leadership isn’t even enough. To stand out in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, your organization needs to have ABSURD! leadership!

ABSURD! Leadership Training  is a program offered by Your Full Potential, LLC & internationally acclaimed trainer Sean McDonald. This is NOT your average Leadership Training! This is different – it’s fresh, in-your-face, and bold! It goes WAY beyond Leadership 101 and is designed exclusively for organizations that are fully committed to getting absurdly better, doing absurdly more and going beyond the realm of the possible and straight to the absurd.

ABSURD! Leadership includes:

– On-demand module webinars on leadership, management, and strategy
– Different tracks for new and experienced leaders
– Downloadable videos and podcasts for personal use….or play them at your next management meeting!
– Ongoing consultation for your leaders and managers
– Specialized ACTion Plan for your organization
– User Workbooks (online and print versions available) that contain guides to each module, effective tactics, and results-driven exercises for both individual leaders and the teams they manage

How it works:

– Initial (no-obligation) phone consultation with Sean McDonald
– Your organization decides to get ABSURD!
– Sean will schedule an on-site visit to your organization to speak with key players and meet with employees. (Travel expenses are covered in the investment for the program.)
– YFP’s technical team will be in touch with unique USER IDs, passwords, and other program access information to get you started
– Any printed materials ordered (workbooks, etc.) will be shipped to your organization
– We’ll notify you when your modules are ready to be accessed and then…..

Please feel free to navigate around the website. And contact Sean directly by clicking the Contact ABSURD! Leadership tab at the top of this page.
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