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Communicating VALUE: 3 Laws


Did you know that every decision you make is a result of a very important question being satisfactorily answered by the decision-making part of your brain? It’s true. We would not be able to decide on anything until this question is answered. Usually, the question and answer happen unconsciously and non-verbally. But the process does happen…every time.

OK – enough about the science of the brain. What’s that question? It’s usually represented by the acronym, W.I.I.F.M.? Or, What’s In It For Me?

Organizations that enjoy the most success do an outstanding job of answering that question for consumers. The answer to that question is known as the organization’s value proposition. Put another way, the question could be “Why should I ever do business with you?”   The delivery of the answer is critical. How it’s communicated is vital. Here are 3 irrefutable laws of communicating VALUE

The answer must be your own. If your answer to that question is earth shattering, unique, and succinct, your business will grow. If it’s a canned answer or it’s clumsy, your business will fail. Consumers are savvier than ever before. “Caveat emptor,” “Let the buyer beware” means more today than it ever has. Make sure your value proposition is yours. You own it.

It must be easy to do business with you. Competition for consumer business is at an all-time high and the marketplace will continue to get more aggressive. Convenience is King. In some form or fashion, your value proposition needs to include that it is easy to get things done with your organization. If consumers think that it’s difficult to do business with you, if you make them jump through hoops to accomplish anything, they’ll just find one of your competitors and do business with them instead.

You must go further than saying you have the best service. Every business thinks it has the best service. Many businesses like to use that as their value proposition. Sorry but relying solely on your belief that you have the best service is just not enough anymore. “Great service” is a commodity now – everyone is saying it. Your value proposition has to go further. It has to mean more. Consumers are tired of hearing about all of this wonderful service….and then having experiences that are lackluster. Your value proposition should WOW the consumer. It should be emotional so as to create emotion in the consumer. It needs to be outstanding.


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