Welcome to the second in a 3-part series on TRUST. In part 1, we talked about EARNING trust. Now, let’s discuss CULTIVATING it once it’s earned.

You’ve earned another person’s trust. CONGRATULATIONS! But now it’s important to build upon or CULTIVATE that trust so it isn’t lost.

How is trust cultivated? Here are 3 ways:

Don’t rush into anything – just because someone has granted you their trust doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re ready to start asking for things. Take it slow. Take it easy. How?

Continue with open dialogue and more detailed Q & A – this is the “getting to know you” phase. Now that you’ve earned someone’s trust, chances are pretty good that they’ll be willing to share more details about their goals and desired outcomes with you. Pay attention! You don’t want to miss anything. Listen intently and make sure that the other person knows you’re listening by using both verbal and nonverbal cues (body language.) Lean in, keep eye contact, and repeat what they’ve said. Think of this as Listening 101 because that’s what it is.

Give more than you take – find opportunities to do something for the other person before you ask for anything from them. If you’re cultivating trust with a business owner, ask him or her about their ideal customer and if possible, refer someone you know. Build a network of referral sources. Pay for that first lunch meeting, take them to play golf, bring them to a networking meeting as your guest and introduce them to people with whom they might want to do business. Be a connector. Show good faith and good will.

Be sure to check back on Thursday for Part 3 in this series on Trust: Keeping It.

What are your thoughts on TRUST? Share them by commenting. Let’s get a discussion going!


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